The diverse and dynamic members of the Port Stanley Artists' Guild strive to enhance the visual arts in Port Stanley. They share in the development and appreciation of original fine arts, both within the Guild and within the community. This group encourages the personal growth of each member through study, practice and experimentation by bringing in speakers and putting on workshops. In this way, each artist can develop skills and techniques from experts in the art world.

Artists within the group share their own expertise and skills with each other. While this adds to the enjoyment and enthusiasm for the visual arts, it builds lasting and amazing friendships.

The Guild maintains a membership of more than 50 artists many of whom work in a variety of mediums. The members paint in oil, watercolour, and acrylic. Some members work in mixed media, photography, pencil, pastel, or charcoal and we also have artists who work in 3D.

* All the art work is copyrighted. It is unethical, unlawful, and disrespectful to copy, use or alter any of these images found on this website.



Jim Koudounis

Sharon Veldstra
Past President

Rosemary Nagel

Pat Clinton

Laura Woermke

Patricia Johnson

Susan Shurish


Current Members

Anna Jean Annett Robin Baratta Betty Burrell-Beaudry
Pat Clinton Jean Cluness Richard Cochrill
Penny Crichton Pat Curtis Sandy Deluca
Diane Dobson Sandra England Cheryl Garrett-Jenkins
Jonathan Grant Mary Gullis Sharon Harbaruk
Pat Hartwell-McLean Kim Hughson Roxanne Jervis
Jean Johnson Pat Johnson Linda Jones
Heather Keating Melissa Kempf Janet Kennedy
Jim Koudounis Debra Kubu Marie LaLonde
Annette Martin Jill Matthews Sine Maule
Catherine McCoy Carolyne McLeod Candy McManiman
Brenda Morris Margaret Munn Rosemary Nagel
Marcia Pensa June-Anne Reid Linda Rempel
Vic Roschkov Judy Ross Jan Row
Ursula Rudd Sharron Russell Aganetha Sawatzky
Joseph Sawicki Susan Shurish Larry Smith
Margaret Snowsell Rowena Spersrud Mary Ann Taylor
Vivian Tserotas Sharon Veldstra Pam Vezina
Marnie Wedlake Mary Louise White Jo Wilkinson
Laura Woermke Gayle Yanch Brian Young
Kim Yuhasz