Sandra England

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Union Ontario



Born and raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, Sandra has a love for the outdoors and a keen appreciation of nature. She’s had a lifelong interest in expressing herself through music and art. Dabbling in watercolour a few years ago, she found the outlet she had been seeking and paints with a passion – each new creation providing personal gratification.

"My creativity is inspired by the beauty around me, and fuelled by the need to express myself in ways that can be shared with others.  I have always been a keen observer of nature, but painting changes the way a person looks at the world.  I never miss the changing seasons or the wonder of the environment around me and when I paint I try to capture the feelings that are evoked from these visual experiences.  Art provides an emotional reward and I always enjoy a calm frame of mind while creating my artwork."

Sandra loves a challenge and offers acrylic and watercolour paintings in a variety of subjects. The paintings are signed Sam, a nickname from childhood still used today by family and friends.